liverpool greenscreen studio

Studio 1

Within the old merchant building on Cotton Street is a partially transparent roof, that gives the main studio plenty of diffused natural light across its 195 sq meters.

The photographic zone has complete black-out curtains for precise lighting control and boasts an acoustically treated floating ceiling, perfect for capturing clean audio.

The huge white cyclorama bowl is complemented with a comprehensive range of professional photographic and film lighting, and has an optional 7x8x8m greenscreen that hangs from the ceiling across the whole length of the cove’s floor.

Suspended 7m from the studio floor is a bowens higlide system, with sprung pantographs and guide rails so you can easily adapt the lighting to suit your shoot.

11 x 9 x 8m cove
11.5 x 19 x 12m total space
Rails with carriages and pantographs at ~7m from cove floor
Selection of flash and constant lighting included with hire
Additional lighting, camera, grip, and sound equipment available on request
Lighting stands, C-stands, double wind-ups, arms & knuckles
Rainbow selection of colorama
RGBWW panels, to fill the cove with white, or color light.
50w Bluetooth speakers built into cove
13amp sockets in floor and ceiling

Vessel Studio tour


The portrait and product studio

In the rear of the building sits a custom-built portrait and product studio, with two-tier background roll system, a pair of Profoto B2 strobes, and a selection of modifiers and gels.

We have a selection of colorama in rainbow shades, along with a variety of greys and whites.

Additionally, the studio has a selection of hand-made backgrounds, and a variety of metallic and organic textures, perfect for striking portrait and product imagery.

3.5 x 4.5 x 2.5m
Colorama rollers built into wall
Selection of colorama colors
2x Profoto B2 heads & modifiers
Additional seating & HDMI dupe of main studio output
13amp sockets in floor.

The audio studio

Whether you’re recording a podcast, voiceover, audiobook, or video game dialogue, we have the perfect setup for your requirements.

Our audio booth is fully isolated, and has been used to record hundreds of audiobooks and commercial voiceovers. It can be hired with or without an engineer, and we also offer recording, mixing and mastering at a per-finished-hour rate

The podcast studio has a selection of microphones, a mixer with Class A Servo-biased Preamps, featuring APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom. It can also be set up for live-streaming video, or multi-cam records for later release.

The studio also has the capability to connect call-in guests via Bluetooth or TRRS, and can either multitrack in the mixer to microSD card, or output directly to your favorite audio software of choice.

3.5 x 4.5 x 2.5m podcast studio
1 x 1.5m x 2.5m audio booth
Adjustable mic scissor arms
XLR outputs
Optional USB2 and USB-C mixers


Private studios for artists, photogs, filmmakers

Vessel has three private studios hired on a monthly basis for artists working in the city on longer projects.

The monthy rate for your private room includes all bills, wifi, keys for 24hr access, one use of the main studio a month and discounted rates thereafter, along with the potential for introduction to our in-house crew. 

At time of writing, there is presently one studio available.


The studios are best seen with your own eyes – so please contact us for a viewing.


Additional features

Makeup room and Makeup bar

Liverpool Studios has a fully furnished makeup room, with additional seats at a makeup bar adjacent to the infinity cove for quick touch-ups.

Stylist station

Featuring tails and hangers, tables, a steamer, iron and ironing board – everything to get costume looking its best for the camera.


The studio has a kitchen which is equipped with the essentials; microwave, mini oven and hobs. Plus, our coffee bar has a Jura xs90 that makes an outstanding cup of coffee, and we also have a full range of herbal and decaf teas.

Private bar

Liverpool Studios has a private bar for clients who book the studio out. So whether you want to relax post shoot with a crisp Rum & Ginger or liven your shoot up with some bubbly, just let us know your favorites and we’ll be sure to stock up!

Liverpool film photo studios vessel makeup room green room 2
Liverpool film photo studios vessel makeup room green room 2

Backstage / greenroom

The comfortable backstage room has soft furniture and subtle lighting. The room is perfect for costume changes, client meetings or simply as a video playback area.