The studio equipment list is extensive, and the majority of it is in-house; whether you require cameras, lighting, audio, or something more obscure.

We include basic lighting with every booking, depending on what is available or hired out, the setup often includes the following:
– 1x AD600pro
– 2x AD400pro
– A selection of modifiers; 5ft octa, beauty dish, reflectors etc.
– 2x Mixpanel 150 RGBWW panels
– 1x Aputure 120d mkII
– 2x 60w daylight fresnels
– 3x Daylight panels

We also include plenty of light stands, C-stands, boom arms, double wind-ups, sandbags, pantographs on the rails, along with BW poly and white/silver/gold reflectors. The studio also has a selection of tripods on standby, a selection of tungsten constant lighting available, from 150w-2kw – all available at no extra cost

If you want to use our vast, rainbow selection of colorama, it’s best to inquire with your preferred colors in advance.  We include colorama with your booking unless they’re damaged –  in which case we charge £10 per meter that isn’t reusable.


We also have a selection of camera and grip equipment available to hire, and if you’re shooting at the studio, we give a hefty discount with your booking!


For video we have the following gear available in-house:

Red Helium 8K camera (Vlock or RedVolt back)

Sony FX9 & PZ 28-135 f4

Sony FX6

Canon R5c

Sony A7s3

Ready Rig

Zhiyun Crane 3S Pro gimbal (6.5kg carry capacity)


For photography we have the following gear available in-house:

Canon R5c

Canon 70-200 2.8
Canon 28-104 f4

Mac Ultra with Capture One for tether, and 32″ Pro Art monitor



If you require any equipment that’s not already in-studio, we have close relationships with local hire companies that can offer discounted rates on anything you require to ensure that your shoot goes smoothly. 

Whether you need glass or grip, modifiers or monitors, Liverpool Studios can provide it all.
We can even set everything up to your specifications for your arrival, pre-lighting basic setups at no additional cost. 

For indie productions, with minimal or no insurance, we hire equipment out through Fat Llama – for larger productions, contact us with your requirements, and we’ll make sure you have all that you need for your shoot.


We can advise, design, and supply an array of studio lighting for any setup.

From HMI, Kino flo, LED and tungsten for film – or flash heads and modifiers for photography.

Cameras & Lenses

We can provide or source cameras and lenses to suit your production requirements.

Whether you prefer Arri, Red, Panasonic, Canon or Sony, Liverpool Studios has you covered.


Whatever you need, from set builds to monitors or audio, wind and smoke machines, or tripods, track, gimbals and jibs, livestreaming or VO recording – anything can be catered for. Just let us know what you need!