In seven years of facilitating and producing shoots for up-and-coming acts in the studio, we know how hard it is for unsigned artists to get the budget for a quality music video and promo images.

The musical community in Liverpool has given us so much love – and we want to give it back, with a free* music video and promo shots day for one unsigned artist a month through 2019.


How it works

  • Use the form below to send us your details, track, and any thoughts you have for your video.
  • On the first of every month we select one artist at random and get in touch to discuss your video and promo shots, start nailing down the concept and work out suitable dates.
  • The day in question will be like any other shoot, no skimping on quality just because you’re not footing the bill – and we hope you’ll arrive on time and be ready to make something awesome!
  • 1-2 days later you’ll be sent a first cut of the video and all the images taken for your selects, We take your notes and your favorite images and finish them up to the highest standards.
  • Within a week of your shoot you have a free music video and promo shots to release as and when suits, and if you let us know when they launch, we’ll give you a shout out on our social.
  • Keep in touch! If you need another video down the line, we’re always happy to offer discounted rates to keep you in the Vessel family.

    * Liverpool Studios will cover the costs of studio hire, crew, production and post, often totalling £1500+. If there are any additional costs that arise from the concept for the music video or promo images; cast, props etc, they will be forwarded to the artist at cost price. We’re happy to volunteer the studio, our time, and provide props and cast where we can, but have had a handful of artists expect way too much for free, hence this minor caveat – hope you understand and take it in the spirit intended!