Liverpool Studios music videos, promo shots and album art

Liverpool Studios’ production team has decades of experience designing, facilitating and shooting music videos of all budgets and scales, not to mention promo shots and album art for both established and up-and-coming artists.

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From massive set builds and projection mapping, visual effects and animation, to simple live sessions – we’ve shot it all!

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No matter what your genre or budget, our in-house production team have the expertise to create gorgeous imagery that will attract and engage audiences, and make your track pop.

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We can also provide a complete behind the scenes package with stills and video documentary, so you can tease the release before your video comes out!

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We’ve worked with everyone from self-produced artists to global labels, providing not just videos, but stills for album covers and promotional artwork for tours and social.

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Plus, we can shoot up to 8K video and 100mpx stills – so no matter where your images or video are displayed, we can create perfectly crafted content to make your track shine.

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And because everything is done in-house, not to mention the large selection of equipment at our disposal, you save on location/studio fees, hire costs, and can get the most out of your budget.

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We also have relationships with all the cast you could need – from dancers and models to actors and influencers – so no matter who your video requires, we’ve got you covered.

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Spin down to our reel to take a look at the infinite visual possibilities we can provide.

We don’t judge budgets, so whether this is your first video or your fifteenth, we’ve got your back and will make you something that your proud to show to the world.

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