Liverpool Studios has a bespoke soundproof audio studio, perfect for not only podcasts, but audiobooks and commercial voice over too!



Podcasts can be booked in to record individual episodes, or bank up weeks or months of content to release in future.

Our audio studio has four mics, the capability for remote guests via Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp, or phone call.  Our desk is incredibly straightforward to use, for your host or producer to monitor and amend levels on the fly – but we also offer an engineer, and mix/master service, if you’d like to take that off your mind.

If you’re looking to film your podcast, we can also set up the mics and desk on the acoustically treated infinity cove, which can either be bright white, your brand colors, or feature your podcast’s branding.
You’re welcome to bring you own cameras, but we can also provide up to three cameras, with the option to take the individual feeds for you to edit, a live-mixed edit on the day, or edited by our team in post.

If you’d like to stream your show live, we have 70mbps fibre, with a 25mb up/downstream, perfect for anything from Twitch and Youtube, to Brightcove or Zoom.  We can also provide a large monitor behind the front camera for you to read real-time chat from your viewers – and an autocue / teleprompter if you’re planning a more heavily scripted show.



We’ve recorded over a hundred audiobooks for publishers big and small, and offer both full and half day sessions.

If you already have a vocal director lined up, they’re welcome to join us in-studio, or remotely via the platform of your choice – or one of our in-house directors can sit in, if required.

Our vocal booth has the option of a 13″ autocue monitor that can be operated by the engineer, or an iPad for the narrator to flip through the book themselves.

We have punch-and-roll facilities, to do away with multiple takes and long editing sessions post-record, and can offer either raw audio – or an in-house mix and master service.


Commercial voiceover & ADR

Whether you’re shooting at the studio, needing a quick VO for a commercial shot elsewhere, or recording an ad for radio or podcast, our vocal booth is always set up and ready to rock for perfect narration.

We have video playback in the booth for perfect timing, and your director or producer can sit in on the session, or over Zoom, with live playback of synced video and audio.



 Contact us with your requirements, and we’d be happy to provide a bespoke quote for your project.