An independent film and photographic facility
located on the Liverpool docks.

facilitating a worldwide client base,
from HBO and Pepsi to the BBC and Sky.

open 24/7, 365 days a year,
ready to cater for your requirements.

home to the largest infinity cove
in the north west.

Liverpool Studios is a labour of love, a 2100ft² hand-crafted, technically engineered environment for film and photography.

The studio has continued to grow over the last six years, including the installation of a massive infinity cove and a vocal booth for VO.

We’ve also accumulated an extensive equipment list, and have in-house technicians to assist if required, at no extra cost.

With an impressive client list, hosting productions from across the world, the facility is highly customizable venue for shoots of all sizes.

If you’d like to book, or just have a quick tour of Liverpool Studios, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.






12 Cotton Street


L3 7DY


0151 207 4744

liverpool studios accepts credit and debit cards